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Extra! Extra!

Casting for Extras for The Highwayman

We are looking for a pool of about 20-40 extras for The Highwayman for the summer of 2011. DATES WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER.

If you are interested in being an extra, please download and fill out this form and e-mail to or mail to Inferno Film Productions, LLC, P.O. Box 696, Littleton, CO 80160. If you have already filled out a form and just want to remind us that you are still available, just drop us an e-mail message at that address.


  • Extras will not be paid.
  • It helps a lot if extras can bring at least part of their costumes because we do not have enough costumes to dress everyone and we may not have something in your size. Boots, shoes, a skirt, a peasant shirt. Bring anything you can.
  • Extras will not be given screen credit or IMDb credit unless they are assigned a speaking line which bumps them up to cast status.
  • Extras will be given credit on the website.
  • Extras will be fed.


(need 20+ extras per scene)

Dates to be announced later in 2011

There are several tavern scenes. We need farmers, local crafts people, and travelers to be patrons in the tavern. Some extras will be featured more than others.


All extras are peasants. We have a few costumes for extras but not a lot. Extras should expect to bring their own costumes.

Male Peasant: The basic costume for a male peasant would be: knee breeches dark brown or black, over the knee stockings (off white, brown or black), ankle boot or loafers with a buckle on top, unbleached muslin peasant shirt, waistcoat (long vest) in earth tone colors (brown, yellow, muted oranges or greens, no reds or blues), long coat (optional), hat would either be a tricorne or floppy. For the trial men can wear long pants.

Female Peasant: Women would be dressed in a long skirt and peasant shirt and short bodice, or a one piece long dress of one color. Earth tone colors, solids or woven patterns, no prints. (Printed fabrics only became common in England at the end of the 18th century which is after our time period.)

Where to get costumes: Some can be purchased locally. I bought most of the shoes we are using at Savers and Goodwill. Some other costume bits came from Flossy Magrews on Broadway. There are plenty of good patterns for the women's clothing at Joanns. A lot of the men's costume patterns are bad. The good ones seem to be the Pirates of the Caribbean costumes. PotC was a little before our time period and the American Revolution was a little after. But as one historian said, while the upper class fashions changed every few years, the peasants wore close to the same thing for nearly a century. Costumes can also be purchased online. You can visit several website that sell such costumes from our lists of Resources links: highwaymanresources.html

Hair: Men also wore their hair long. If your hair is short you may need a wig or extensions, Disguises on Colfax and Reinkes on Prince St. in Littleton both have a lot of wigs. What you would want is either a colonial man's brown or black wig or any long woman's wig. Brush it back and tie the hair in a ponytail with string or leather.

Personal Grooming: Peasants were dirty. So you don't need the costumes to be clean and wrinkle free. Some distressing is good.

Extras at Malcolm's Trial, filmed April 23rd in Louviers, Colorado

  • Laura Baukol
  • Barbara Chase Burke
  • Katrina Burke
  • Mackenzie Burke
  • Dayna Chafe
  • Mikey Christianson
  • Lisa Cruthers
  • Kayley Cruthers
  • Neva Engel
  • Kenneth Girouard
  • Jessica Hunt-Achley
  • Terri Lombardi
  • Christine McQuillen
  • Dani Payne
  • Aedin Sarff
  • Julie Sarff
  • Wyatt Sarff
  • Donna Schaefer
  • Olivia Schaefer
  • Irena Smith
  • Jacob Smith
  • Krista Smith
  • Orion Smith
  • Ruta Smith
  • Jesse Thorne
  • Christie Vaughn
  • Jacob Wolfe


-- names to be listed later. THANKS!

Copyright 2010 The Highwayman Motion Picture, LLC

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