Project: The Highwayman

Locations Needed

  • Stiles Farm Exteriors (Stock footage plus see below)
  • Stiles Farmhouse Exteriors (see below)
  • Stiles Farmhouse Interiors (studio set? and see below)
  • Cottage interiors and exteriors (set on location and in studio)
  • Nathaniel's farmhouse interior (studio set??)
  • Lindsey farmyard
  • Dirt Roads through meadows, woods or grassland (soldier fights)
  • Woods (Will & Bess)
  • Inn exterior - Boetcher Mansion
  • Tavern room at Inn - Boettcher Mansion
  • Bess' room at Inn - ?
  • Graveyard (Stock footage plus location spot with fake headstones)
  • Duke's house ( bedroom (??), long hallway (??) and exterior (??)
  • Garrison interior (studio set)
  • Mill exterior (stock footage and cgi?)
  • grain fields (stock footage)

Potential Locations

Follow photo links to see pictures or other links to visit websites.

  • Fireside Room at Boettcher Mansion
    1/2/2009 - Took pictures of Fireside Room and "front door" -- 12/18/2008 -- I have received a positive response from the people at the Boettcher Mansion. We will take a tour of the facility soon. Right now this is my number one choice for the interior of the tavern and possibly some other interiors and exteriors.

  • Hildebrand Ranch - Denver Botanical Gardens at Chatfield
    1. farm: Barn exteriors & interiors - has sheep, goats, horses;
    2. Several dirt roads
    3. woods and wetlands
    4. some traffic sound from 470 and Wadsworth but distant
    5. Vistas limited due to housing developments N and S
    6. Could work for Lindsey farmyard
    7. Visited in Spring 2008
    8. Owned by Denver Botanical Gardens -- Called in mid-March ad left message; need to call again
  • Byers, Colorado (photos) -- There are horses out in Byers which could deal with the musket fire. There are also several pieces of property out there. I have a few contacts out there and tooka tour and took pictures back in September. I think Byers would be the best place to shoot the Highwayman v. soldiers scenes. If we end up getting the carriage from CO Springs then it might make sense to shoot the carriage robberies some place closer to CO Sprgs like Greenland.

  • Phipps Mansion -- 3400 Belacaro St, Denver -- Owned by DU -- Possible Lord Shafton's house exterior -- visited

  • Lumber Baron Inn, Denver
    • Some exterior angles are nice but would have to be MOS due to traffic noise which is loud and continuous
    • Some nice interior rooms, would have to avoid light switches in some places.
    • Duke's House Study Interior? and/or Exterior (MOS);
    • Magistrate's House Interior?
    • Last December I paid the place a visit and spoke briefly with one of the owners who allow me to take the pictures. She said they were still renovating some rooms. Since then i has been placed on the market which might make it more dificult to use.
    • 12/18/2008 -- Sent an e-mail message to the owner. Got a brief response.

  • Prairie Canyon Ranch, Douglas County farm and farm house - have not visited

  • Twin Creek Ranch, Douglas County farm and farm house, but house may have been renovated too much - have not visited

  • Schweiger Ranch, Douglas County farm and farm house, - have not visited

  • Russellville Ranch, (between Franktown and Castle Rock) Douglas Countyfarm and farm house, - have not visited

  • Rock Ridge Ranch, (between Franktown and Castle Rock) Douglas County farm and farm house - have not visited

  • Pretty Woman Ranch, (between Franktown and Castle Rock) Douglas County farm house - have not visited

    Locations Scouted but not usable

    • Delaney Farm, Aurora not useful

    • Rock Ledge Ranch, Colorado Springs - T. David visited; says "Good sound isolation and good angles to the west. To the east is a road and modern buildings." Farm house looks too modern; some cicken wire and ripgut fencing; An intriguing little cabin in one picture

    • Clear Creek History Park - Astor House, Golden
      Stile's farmhouse interiors? Magistrate interiors? - 1/2/2009 -- not good -- too close to everything - no angles - noise. 12/18/2008 - sent message - have not visited yet.

    • Cliff House Inn also in Manitou Springs
      T. David visited; too modern

    • Stage Coach Inn, Manitou Springs
      T. David visited; too modern

    • Littleton Historical Museum
      (farm?) -- far too noisy, traffic, and residential area, plus a monsterously loud air conditioning unit on the museum building; lots of non-appropriate items used (e.g. chicken wire) and modern houses visible in close proximity at nearly every angle

    • Bear Creek Lake Park, Lakewood
      woods? highway? A fair amount of traffic noice and plan noise. Does not allow night shooting. Location was probably burned for us by complaints about GoH.

    • Hidden Mesa, Douglas County
      too much traffic noise ; too modern

    • Walker Ranch, Boulder County-- Would be a lovely location for the farm scenes but I was told by the Boulder County Film Commissioner (and later confirmed in the County Bylaws) that the Boulder County Commissioners do not allow filmming on Open space land

    • Four Mile House, Denver
      (Tavern Interior? Too noisy for farm exterior) -- I did visit once and the exteriors are too noisy and too close to residential areas to be useful. I did nto get a chance to see the tavern interior because it was closed that day.

    • Richards-Hart Estate, Wheatridge (they moved the website)
      Magistrate's House Interiors and Exteriors? - visited 1/2/2009. -- not furnished

    • Castle Marne, Denver -- website gone?
      Duke's House Exterior? (MOS) - have not visited yet. -- rooms furnished too modern?